Summer Tips:

Summer is the time for family vacations and out of school fun. It is also the time when many pets suffer from fleas and ticks, and the allergies and additional parasites that they cause. Ticks can carry the organism that causes Lyme Disease that afflict both man and animal. Fleas are an intermediate host for tapeworms, and the saliva they inject into your pet's skin during taking their blood meal can cause a moderate to severe allergic reaction. If your pet is especially sensitive, this can result in self mutilation from excessive scratching. Mosquitos can carry Heartworm larvae, and when a mosquito bites your pet, can transmit the larvae that will eventually become adult heartworms and can be fatal to you pet. Your Veterinarian understands these afflictions, and how important your family pet is to you. See your family Veterinarian for effective products that can protect your precious pet from these summer maladies, so the whole family can have a great and fun-filled summer!